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"Golden Steps"

What are the advantages of the deposit?

  • Totally free access to your funds
  • No time limits and no minimum or maximum balance
  • You can manage your account online through “Internet Banking”
  • It provides higher profitability in comparison to current account
  • The interest rate increases when the sum of a deposit increases



Would you like to increase your capital and to have a free access to your funds at the same time? Then “Golden Steps” deposit is for you:

  • Currency: UAH Term of a deposit: unlimited
  • Minimum balance: no restrictions
  • No limits on the increase of the deposit amount
  • Interest paid on a monthly basis by means of capitalization
  • Interest rate: depends on the actual account balance at the end of the day. In case of an increase or decrease of the deposited amount the interest rate automatically increases/decreases correspondingly
  • Return of funds: no interest loss, the funds will be transferred to the current account of the client, opened with Platinum Bank

If the amount of the deposit or part of it to be returned during the day is lower than 1 000 000 UAH, the funds will be returned on the day of the respective claim. If the amount of the deposit or part of it to be returned during the day equals or exceeds 1 000 000 UAH, the respective claim should be produced one banking day before the day of the return of the amount of the deposit or its part.

Bank offers its clients a possibility to submit a claim online through “Internet Banking”.

Rates can be found here

How to open a deposit:

To place a deposit you must submit the following documents:

You can make a deposit atin all Platinum Bank branches.