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Иностранный банк с международными инвестициями
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Our values

Values are the heart of the company, its soul. Values are the rules of life that Platinum Bank follows. A person who shares our principles and by his actions supports our Values is a member of Platinum team.

  • DEVOTION TO THE IDEA. I am the owner of our success. Doesn’t matter where I am, doesn’t matter what job I am doing, I always understand that the success of the bank depends on my personal efforts.
  • RELIABILITY. Always keep your word. I take responsibility and always qualitatively and in time fulfil what I have promised.
  • INNOVATIVENESS. Think differently and make it better. Every day I look around me and search for new possibilities to do something better. And when I find it I do my best to make this possibility a reality.
  • EFFICIENCY. Do everything economically, swiftly, qualitatively. While executing any task I achieve a maximum result using minimum time and resources, always providing uncompromising results.
  • HONESTY. Nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I can always openly tell about my business decisions and actions to my colleagues and manager.
  • SOCIABILITY. Listen in a manner to be spoken to, speak in a manner to be heard. I am always ready to establish and support positive contacts and business connections. While communicating with people who surround me it is important for me to understand the conversation partner and to find common grounds with him/her.