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Currency rates
Currency rates
Currency Bid Ask
USD 25.90 26.10
EUR 28.00 28.50
Payment cards
Currency Bid Ask
USD 25.90 26.10
EUR 28.00 28.50

Savings (deposit) certificates

Do you want to open a deposit in the currency, but fear legislative innovations, which can limit withdrawal of funds from the deposit upon its close?
Take advantage of the Certificate:

  • Guarantees the receiving of full amount in the deposit currency
  • Is ensured by the Individuals Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • A worthy alternative to a traditional deposit
  • Deposit account is not replenished.

Would you like to receive the full currency deposit with interest upon the expiration of the certificate validity term without the amount limitations, which are provided by law for ordinary deposits?

In that case this offer is for you.

The certificate successfully combines both bank deposit benefits and is a paper security with the high degree of protection.

  • Term: 6 to 12 months
  • Deposit currency - USD, EUR;
  • Minimum deposit amout: 2000 USD/EUR.
  • Interest payment at the end of the term
  • Without prolongation
  • No premature withdrawal.
  • Interest rate:
    - in USD up to 10,00%
    - in Euro up to 9,00%
  • The certificate is nominal and is guaranteed by the Individuals Deposit Guarantee Fund.

When you open a deposit in foreign currency you can issue:

- Current account, free of charge. Rates and conditions can be found here;

- Payment card, according to the rates of the Bank. Rates and conditions can be found here;

CurrencyMax. Sum of the deposit185-279 .280-364 .
USD 100 000
9,50% 10,00%
EUR 100 000
8,50% 9,00%

Public offer PAT "PTB" in the conclusion of deposit placement with the issuance of foreign currency deposit certificate can be found here.

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