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Saving of water

Platinum Bank understands that natural resources are not inexhaustible, that’s why the employees have introduced into their day-to-day activities a code of rules of saving the water in the office.

• Pour into the kettle the amount of water required, not more

• Use saving plumbing fittings

• Ensure the water is not being used “in vain”

• Don’t leave the tap running

• If you noticed that a tap is leaking inform an employee from the administrative department.

Unfortunately, the bank cannot introduce additional measures for the water saving in the premises it rents for the Head Office and branch offices due to the specifics of these rented premises. But the bank uses the water filters of the “ultrafiltration” type, which allows for saving about 5 tons of fuel, otherwise spent for the delivery of water to the offices of the bank. The check-up of the quality of water in the Head Office of the bank is done quarterly.