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Saving of paper

The Bank takes an active position concerning and issue of paper saving.

The bank has its rules on usage of paper:

• It is better to send an email rather than printing the letter off

• Print off on the both sides of the paper sheet

• Use single line spacing

• Don’t print off multiple copies

• Use the sheet with the print on one side for drafts, copies, faxes etc.

We not only strictly adhere to these rules, but we also engage other companies in doing so. For example, the American Chamber of Commerce, which is our neighbour at the business centre, has joined our initiative of collecting used paper for recycling.

Besides, we introduced a new principle for paper saving: two-side printing of agreements with partners and contractors. In the Head Office of the bank, three times per year we conduct a centralized collection of paper for recycling.

As of today, we have already collected over 7,080 kg of paper for recycling, which helped saving over 70 trees. And in the branch offices special boxes for collecting used paper are installed.

Join in our initiative – bring used paper to any branch office of the bank and we will deliver it for recycling!