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responsible banker's day

Since 2010, the bank’s team actively implements the projects of community beautification, contributing to the community it works in. The starting point became the visit of top-managers team to the Amosov Clinic and beautification of its territory.

In 2011 all the bank’s departments were involved, as a result of which in Kyiv were cleaned and painted three parks, territories of the school-kindergarten “Berezka” and of the infectious diseases hospital for children. As the first steps in the direction of beautification were actively supported by the bank’s employees, in 2012 it was decided to extend the spheres of activity.

As a result, 8 events were realized: : 


  • removing garbage and cleaning the Centre for Tourism and Local History, Geography and Culture (Kyiv);
  • repairs and beautification of the territory of specialized sanatorium for children “Barvinok” (Boyarka);
  • cleaning of the lake Beloye (Kyiv);
  • repairs of the kindergarten verandas (Kyiv);
  • beautification of the territory and playground of the kindergarten (Kyiv);
  • conducting a creativity meeting for children from one-parent families or families with many children on the basis of the Charity Fund “Karitas” (Kyiv);
  • cleaning in the animal shelter (Gostomel);
  • painting of walls, windows and doors in the pysanka class (Kyiv).


In 2013 our good deeds were joined by the colleagues from Lviv, Vinnytsya, Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk oblasts. And colleagues from the Head Office in Kyiv oblast provided help to:


  • Sanatorium for children in Boyarka;
  • Animal shelter in Gostomel;
  • Kindergarten in Vyshgorod;
  • Kindergarten in the Obolon district of Kyiv;
  • Kyiv Art School for Children;
  • Centre of Social Help for Youth in the Obolon district of Kyiv.


As a result of the project’s implementation, the employees of the bank realized 29 events of beautification in 6 oblasts of Ukraine. The special trait of the project became it’s time of implementation – a week in May, which coincides with the holiday “Banker’s Day”. As such, the employees created their own holiday titled “Responsible Banker’s Day”.