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Platinum Bank takes the crisis in allies

At April 14, 2009, a press-conference «Platinum Bank takes crisis in allies» took place, it was devoted to the official start of the process of Platinum Bank re-branding. The press conference was attended by Greg Krasnov, General Director of Platinum Bank, Elena Frankivska, Sales Director, Member of the Board of Platinum Bank and Todd Esposito, Finance Director, Member of the Board of Platinum Bank. Special guest was Natalia Yaresko, managing partner and co-founder of Horizon Capital, the main shareholder of Platinum Bank, that holds 31.4% stake in the bank.

At the press conference a new brand that combines the company «International Mortgage Bank» and Family Credit was presented, the strategy and plans for 2009, the sales and finance system of new brand were presented.

Greg Krasnov, General Director of Platinum Bank noted: «The new brand of Platinum Bank really takes a crisis in the allies, that is reflected not only that we use in a brand new black color, as a symbol of stability and reliability. But even in that we consider the complicated situation in the country as possible evidence that the foundation of banking activities - are reliable, well-balanced development extension of a branch network at reasonable cost and access to new sources of funding, including the involvement of the deposit base».

Natalia Yareskо, managing partner and co-founder of Horizon Capital emphasized that: «The core of our responsibilities as an investor is to find promising investment companies, and the definition of a professional team of managers who understand how to do business successfully. These key indicators are successfully connected in the team of Platinum Bank and we as the main investor, are very happy to the financial indicators, which the bank demonstrates».

Olena Frankivska, Sales Director, Member of the Board of Platinum Bank stated that: «We are trying to maximize meeting the needs of our customers through three sales channels - Platinum Branch, Platinum Express and Platinum Direct. By combining our brands in Ukraine, we serve clients in cities with abuout million population and more than 400 points of sales are already under a new brand of Platinum Bank».

Todd Esposito, Finance Director, Member of the Board of Platinum Bank pointed out that: «The promise of our brand «Reliability of highest sample» can be easily proved by dry numbers. Instead of us such indicators as the current liquidity and capitalization of the bank exceeding the NBU standards in 28 and 4.5 times respectively, are talking».

Platinum Bank
( (formerly operated under brands IMB Group, «International Mortgage Bank», Family Credit) provides deposit and loan products to individuals through a network of offices and points of customer service throughout the territory of Ukraine. At 1.1.09 consolidated assets of Platinum Bank amounted to 1,4 billion UAH. Platinum Bank took 1 st place among the big Ukrainian banks in market by capitalization (the ratio of consolidated shareholders' equity / assets) and 34 th place in the rating of Ukrainian banks by the level of consolidated shareholders' equity.The main shareholders of Platinum Bank are international management companies of Horizon Capital, East Capital, Warburg Pincus and the International Finance Corporation (a subsidiary of the World Bank).

Horizon Capital
( - the company that manages the funds of direct investments and investing in the company of middle-capitalization, high growth potential and profitability in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Horizon Capital manages three funds Emerging Europe Growth Fund II (EEGF II), Emerging Europe Growth Fund (EEGF) and Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), with the total capital of more than $ 600 million.


For Your Reference:
Platinum Bank is one of the biggest players in the national banking system. It belongs to the 1st Group of Banks according to the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine (over 0.5% of assets of the Banking System of Ukraine). Its regional network includes 69 branches and 1080 points of sales in various regions of Ukraine.
One of the top strategic priorities of Platinum Bank is transactional business. In 2016 Platinum Bank became one of the leaders in crediting for individuals among Ukrainian banks. It is also one of the annual leaders on the market in consumer credit segment.
Also, Platinum Bank is actively working on its Digital Bank project. Among others, it actively develops its platform and Platinum Lab – a lab of financial innovations.
At the same time Platinum Bank actively engages more and more corporate clients, first and foremost in distribution and IT business.
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