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Platinum Bank Opens Self-Service Points

In October, the self-service points for clients were launched in the branch offices of Platinum Bank. Now the client doesn’t need to stand in line to replenish an account or repay the loan – one can simply use the terminal in the bank’s branch office.

At any time of the day, a client can replenish his or her account with the help of a self-service point. To do so, all one needs to do is to enter the number of the account and one’s identification number, and then you just deposit the necessary sum – it’s all very simple and very quick. The terminals take the bank notes of the value from 10 to 500 UAH, which means no additional troubles with looking for a special type of banknotes.

“Self-service points offer a very simple algorithm of work for the client. You can make a payment very quickly. And we ensure and support a faultless and trouble-proof work of the terminals. While elaborating the system, we thoroughly researched and tested every individual detail of the process. And now we can confidently say, that each client’s deposit is guaranteed to be realized and accounted for. This is really a quick and secure way to work with the bank” - says Tomasz Borowski, Chief Operations Officer of Platinum Bank.

The clients, who decide to use the self-service points, get the opportunity to choose for themselves the convenient time for visiting the bank and depositing payments irrespective of the workload of the bank’s branch office.

“We work on providing our clients with the simplest and most understandable services possible. For the person, who came to the branch office to make a repayment, of the highest value is this person’s personal time. That is why we strive to do all we can, so this person would use it with maximum efficiency. Our self-service points will allow the client to not waste time standing in line, but replenish one’s account in a simple and convenient way. We hope, that our offer will be appreciated by the clients and they will make use of our self-service points” - comments Andrzej Olejnik, Chief Marketing Officer of Platinum Bank.

At the moment there are 25 self-service points at the bank’s branch offices in such Ukrainian cities as: Kyiv, Donetsk, Dniepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Zhaporizhzhya, the AR of Crimea, Mykolayv, Poltava, Kremenchoug, Kryvyi Rig, Soumy, Khmelnytskyi. The bank plans to further on expand the network of self-service points. With the help of the terminal one can deposit a monthly repayment for any type of the bank’s loans (except for the card credits, this option is still under development).


Platinum Bank ( — is a specialized retail bank, which since 2005 has been offering deposit and loan products for individuals through a network of branches and points of sale across Ukraine. Major shareholders of Platinum Bank are international investment funds Horizon Capital, East Capital Financials Fund, bank management and IFC (World Bank subsidiary).

Platinum Bank is listed in the TOP-10 of the most reliable banks (according to the “Expert” publication).

Platinum Bank is recognized as the only inspiring bank in Ukraine (according to the “Companion” publication).

According to the rating by “GVardia” publication, Platinum Bank is listed in TOP-3 of the most socially responsible and transparent companies of Ukraine.


For Your Reference:
Platinum Bank is one of the biggest players in the national banking system. It belongs to the 1st Group of Banks according to the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine (over 0.5% of assets of the Banking System of Ukraine). Its regional network includes 69 branches and 1080 points of sales in various regions of Ukraine.
One of the top strategic priorities of Platinum Bank is transactional business. In 2016 Platinum Bank became one of the leaders in crediting for individuals among Ukrainian banks. It is also one of the annual leaders on the market in consumer credit segment.
Also, Platinum Bank is actively working on its Digital Bank project. Among others, it actively develops its platform and Platinum Lab – a lab of financial innovations.
At the same time Platinum Bank actively engages more and more corporate clients, first and foremost in distribution and IT business.
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