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Platinum Bank Became a Partner of the Contest for the Best Journalistic Material on CSR Projects

The “CSR Development” Centre, within the framework of the UNITER project, announces the Contest for Journalists, where the winner would have to present the best material covering corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. The aim of the Contest is to raise awareness about CSR with Ukrainian public and Ukrainian consumers through increasing its presence in the media.

Up until recently, the mass media weren’t particularly active in covering the CSR issue, perceiving the latter as a part of PR-communication of the companies. This Contest’s mission is to change the situation via demonstrating that CSR is not only the element of communication, but also a part of company’s business strategy.

To participate in the Contest, the representatives of mass media, journalism faculty students or members of journalist unions should publish an article or air a piece on CSR in Ukrainian mass media within the period of time between the 30th of January and the 27th of February 2013.

“Conducting a contest for journalists concerning corporate social responsibility is a very important element in establishing and developing socially responsible business in Ukraine. It is media’s task to build the communicational bridge between citizens - business - authority, and social organizations must be a reliable foundation of such a bridge for trust, opinion exchange and interesting experience. The results of the Contest, I’m sure, will allow us to not only summarize the examples of successful social projects, but also to understand the social mission of the media”, - emphasized Oleg Nalyvaiko, Chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

Possible topics for coverage can be as follows: national and regional policies on CSR in Ukraine and globally; the companies’ CSR projects that are aimed at building up the partnerships with social organizations, businesses, national and regional authorities, or solving important social issues like financial literacy of the public. The organizing parties welcome the publications on cooperation between business companies and social organizations: successful practices and hidden pitfalls of such cooperation; eco-projects of the companies; corporate volunteering projects.

“We are very honoured to become a partner to the Contest for the best journalistic material on CSR. Corporate social responsibility for Platinum Bank is not something we do aside from our business. CSR is actually how we do our business. What we do every day. This includes the responsibility towards our own employees and Go Green programs on environmental protection, together with volunteer programmes for children who need long-term treatments, as well as financial literacy programmes “Platinum Posidelki [Platinum Parties]”, which have already been attended by over 20,000 children”, - says Viktoria Mykhno, Head of PR with Platinum Bank.

“We are glad, that Platinum Bank supports our Contest. We really believe that this event can become a good motivation for journalists to write more analytic articles about CSR, conduct serious research in this field. It is important for us to move CSR from the company offices in Kyiv into the regional Ukraine”, - comments Marina Saprykina, Head of the “CSR Development” Centre.

More detailed information about the Contest can be found at:


For Your Reference:
Platinum Bank is one of the biggest players in the national banking system. It belongs to the 1st Group of Banks according to the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine (over 0.5% of assets of the Banking System of Ukraine). Its regional network includes 69 branches and 1080 points of sales in various regions of Ukraine.
One of the top strategic priorities of Platinum Bank is transactional business. In 2016 Platinum Bank became one of the leaders in crediting for individuals among Ukrainian banks. It is also one of the annual leaders on the market in consumer credit segment.
Also, Platinum Bank is actively working on its Digital Bank project. Among others, it actively develops its platform and Platinum Lab – a lab of financial innovations.
At the same time Platinum Bank actively engages more and more corporate clients, first and foremost in distribution and IT business.
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