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Platinum Bank introduced electronic digital signature for credit findings

Platinum Bank, within the project of electronic document management and in compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On electronic digital signature”, introduced into its daily operations the usage of e-signature for credit findings, considerably decreasing the time for getting a loan by its clients.

The introduction of e-signature, which is a valid replacement of the handwritten signature, allows decreasing the time needed for the processing of loan deals, as well as considerably quickens the processing of queries from other bank departments. Credit findings are received in the back-office in digital form and already with the e-signature of the underwriter. In August, 73% of all credit findings were signed by electronic digital signature (e-signature).

E-signature and the system of automated verifications substantially increased the efficiency of work in underwriting department and in the back-office. As such, the time for crediting was reduced by 70%, from the moment of underwriter’s signature to the actual transfer of funds from the back-office to the client.

In turn, for clients it means the shortening of time needed for the loan formalization and getting a loan, which results in optimizing the client time in the bank offices.

“Our system of electronic document management, and, particularly, the introduction of electronic digital signature allows for the simplification of processing and storage of documents. We significantly enhanced the efficiency of work done by the employees – now the information is processed and transferred instantly, and we managed to re-orient our employees from data processing to monitoring, verification and authorization. It’s important to mention, that with this innovation we not only actively implement into practice the Law of Ukraine regarding the e-signature, but also work in compliance with our “Efficiency” value, which allows us to considerably save the time of both our clients and employees”, - says Tomasz Borowski, Chief Operations Officer with Platinum Bank.

Platinum Bank all its projects views in the light of social corporate responsibility. This project is no exception; it is beneficial for both the society and the environment – having considerably reduced the amount of used paper.

“The introduction of e-signature in our bank allowed using less paper, as credit findings are now made and signed in digital form. For instance, using e-signature, only in August we saved about 35,000 sheets of paper. It is very important for us, that these projects allow not only the optimizing of bank resources, but also minimizing our footprint on the environment, which, in its turn, saves natural resources”, - comments Todd Esposito, Chief Financial Officer with Platinum Bank.


Platinum Bank ( — is a specialized retail bank, which since 2005 has been offering deposit and loan products for individuals through a network of branches and points of sale across Ukraine. Major shareholders of Platinum Bank are international investment funds Horizon Capital, East Capital Financials Fund, bank management and IFC (World Bank subsidiary).

Platinum Bank won the nomination for “Best retail bank” in “Ukrainian Banker Awards 2011” rating (“Investgazeta”).

Greg Krasnov, Chief Executive Officer with Platinum Bank, received the award “Financier of the year — 2011” within the national awards rating “Person of the year — 2011”.



For Your Reference:
Platinum Bank is one of the biggest players in the national banking system. It belongs to the 1st Group of Banks according to the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine (over 0.5% of assets of the Banking System of Ukraine). Its regional network includes 69 branches and 1080 points of sales in various regions of Ukraine.
One of the top strategic priorities of Platinum Bank is transactional business. In 2016 Platinum Bank became one of the leaders in crediting for individuals among Ukrainian banks. It is also one of the annual leaders on the market in consumer credit segment.
Also, Platinum Bank is actively working on its Digital Bank project. Among others, it actively develops its platform and Platinum Lab – a lab of financial innovations.
At the same time Platinum Bank actively engages more and more corporate clients, first and foremost in distribution and IT business.
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