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Bankers' Club meeting on development of credit bureau market in Ukraine was held in Platinum Bank

On September 20, 2011, while holding Bankers' Club meeting Platinum Bank presented the results of analytical market research on credit bureaus operating in Ukraine and a comparative assessment between the modes of credit bureau operating in Ukraine and abroad. Members of the Bankers' Club and presidents of leading Ukrainian banks were keenly involved in the discussion on the current credit bureaus operating on banking market.

Currently, the main principle of a credit bureau activity is recording an individual’s or a legal entity’s credit histories and providing specialized support systems on risk management to the banks and the nonbank financial intermediaries.

According to the estimate made by Platinum Bank there are six credit bureaus operating in Ukraine that possess valid licenses as per the Law of Ukraine on credit bureaus. In the meantime, only three of them are operated in the mode of screening and providing the information on credit histories on customers’ request.

“In Ukraine at the moment the credit bureau services are employed only by financial institutions which are 95% banks. While in Europe and the USA these services are employed by a wide range of customers from individuals to institutional investors. Besides, there is an established interchange system abroad with a great variety of sources. Platinum Bank, for its part, is trying its best to optimize this process. Thus, its draft concept “The Only Access Point” is supposed to consolidate all sources for acquisition of credit history information and to offer the finished product to the banks. We do hope that all credit bureaus will support the concept” – says Andrey Ignatov, the Head of operational risk management of Platinum Bank.

Mostovaya Lyudmila, the Council Chief of Bankers’ Club said the following: “Platinum Bank suggested a subject of importance for discussion among the principal bankers of Ukraine as the Credit History Bureau practice provides bonuses to fair bank customers and causes real problems in obtaining a credit for customers suffering from forgetfulness. Spotless business reputation and good credit history are subjects of bankers’ primary concern while drawing upon a credit at any bank.”

Antonina Palamarchuk, the Board Chairman of “The First All-Ukrainian Credit History Bureau” emphasized that: Credit History Bureau intends to reduce the credit risks in financial sector of Ukraine. State support for receiving access to state registers and other information is essential in stimulating the development of a credit bureau system. It would be a great example of mutually advantageous collaboration for social benefit.

Platinum Bank is one of the promoters and shareholders of Closed Joint-Stock Company “The First All-Ukrainian Credit History Bureau” and holds a right line in collaborating with the Bureau for the purpose of preventing and reducing fraud risks. Due to on-line system of prospective borrower screening the Bank has a properly built loan portfolio and a coherent risk management strategy.


Platinum Bank is a specialized retail bank providing deposit and loan products to individuals, small and medium-sized business through a network of outlets and customer service centers all over Ukraine since 2005. The main shareholders of Platinum Bank are international investment funds Horizon Capital, East Capital Financials Fund, the senior management of the Bank and IFC (a subsidiary of the World Bank)

In 2010 Platinum Bank was awarded a “Ukrainian Financial Olympus” prize as the winner in «Qualified international standard management» nomination.


For Your Reference:
Platinum Bank is one of the biggest players in the national banking system. It belongs to the 1st Group of Banks according to the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine (over 0.5% of assets of the Banking System of Ukraine). Its regional network includes 69 branches and 1080 points of sales in various regions of Ukraine.
One of the top strategic priorities of Platinum Bank is transactional business. In 2016 Platinum Bank became one of the leaders in crediting for individuals among Ukrainian banks. It is also one of the annual leaders on the market in consumer credit segment.
Also, Platinum Bank is actively working on its Digital Bank project. Among others, it actively develops its platform and Platinum Lab – a lab of financial innovations.
At the same time Platinum Bank actively engages more and more corporate clients, first and foremost in distribution and IT business.
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