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Implementing the principles of corporate management during the operation of our bank positively reflects on the whole banks activity. We not only introduced the codes of behaviour, values and bank’s policies but also created special philosophy and mentality of the employees. As of today all our employees not only perform their daily duties, they fully live the life and interests of the whole bank. In its turn it allows us to reach openness and transparency in relationships with the clients, shareholders and society in whole.

In the bank there are policies that are developed and implemented and that regulate the behaviour of all level of the employees in defined situations:

  • Platinum Standarts
  • Platinum Ombudsman
  • Internal reporting of misconduct and unlawful conduct
  • Environmental Harm Reduction
  • Relationship with Employees
  • Acceptance of Entertainment and Gifts by Employees
  • Harassment
  • Preventing Corrupt Practices
  • Equality of Treatment
  • Conflict of interest management policy
  • Employees financial support
  • External and internal communications
  • Acceptable Use of IT Resources

Every employee is familiarized with the policies and act in accordance with established rules of behaviour.