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Platinum Authorised Person

The bank has more than four thousand employees. To investigate and solve all situations and issues, it was decided to select three Platinum Authorized Person


• Listener. Very often the Authorised person is needed by the employee as a listener, to help clear the matters, examine complicated situation and establish the priority of problems.

• Information resource. The Authorised person is available as an information resource, who provides access to the certain management procedures and policies or as a resource, that simplifies the relations with other services.

• Advisor. The Authorised person can offer a number of possible options of solving the problem and to help the employee estimate its advantages and disadvantages.

• Unofficial mediator. Upon permission of petitioner the Authorised person can be a mediator in clarifying the matters and also he can start solving the problems, by organizing and carrying out meetings trying to sort out the issue.

• Registrar of tendencies. From time to time the Authorised person informs the Board of the bank on the problem areas and tendencies in the organization, in order that such issues were regulated in the framework of policies and procedures.

This position is re-elected on an annual basis.