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Computer World for Children

In 2008 Platinum Bank launched the programme “Computer World for Children”.

As such, in December 2008 Platinum Bank, together with the clinic “Nadiya”, opened a computer classroom in the Tetyivskyi Orphanage “Nadiya”, in 150 km from Kyiv.

Granted: 5 sets of computer furniture, 5 computers with educational programmes.

In 2009 Platinum Bank opened computer classrooms in the following institutions:

• orphanage “Svitanok [Dawn]” (Berezan, Kyiv oblast);

• boarding school #1 (Kryvyi Rig);

• centre for youth and teenagers “Shelter+” (Kryvyi Rig);

• community centre of the Kharkiv oblast organization “UTOG [Ukrainian Society for Deaf People]” (Kharkiv).

Granted: 38 sets of computer furniture and 38 computers.

In 2010 Platinum Bank opened three computer classrooms – in Kharkiv, Odessa and Sambir.

Granted: 19 sets of computer furniture and 19 computers.

We believe that any person possessing certain “loaves and fishes”, as well as possibilities, must provide whatever support they can to the community, especially children and youth.

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