Calls to 0800308308 from all phone operators of Ukraine are free of charge. For calls to 3080 the cost of 1 minute of the call accordingly is: Kyivstar – 1 UAH/min, connection fee – 0.27 UAH; MTS – 0 UAH/min, connection fee – 1 UAH; lifecell – 1.5 UAH/min, connection fee – 0.5 UAH. Tariffs are indicated in UAH including VAT.
The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5% of the cost of the service is charged additionally excluding VAT. Tariffication is per second, starting from the 13th second. The service is provided to the adults only.

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Advantages of the payroll programme:  

  • Premium cards for the TOP-management of the company
  • Free of charge cash withdrawal in more than 4,000 ATMs all over Ukraine
  • SMS-notifications  
  • You can receive 100% remote services and operations
  • Beneficial tariffs, individual approach
  • Special conditions of services for the employees of your company

Platinum Bank offers a payroll programme, which would allow your company to pay salaries and other compensations to your employees conveniently and timely with the help of international plastic cards.

Besides, you can manage your payroll programme remotely, via the connection to the system of “Internet-banking”. This would allow considerable reducing of time for calculation and payment of salary to your employees.

The payroll programme at Platinum Bank also provides a range of benefits for your employees:

  • free of charge cash withdrawal via more than 3,000 ATMs all over Ukraine;
  • SMS-notifications;
  • special offers of deposit and credit products;
  • free of charge activation of internet banking services at Platinum Click;
  • high level of payment security – additional protection of the card with a chip-module;
  • 24/7 client support service.

Current tariffs for the payroll programme:

You may review the tariffs for employee payment card servicing coming into effect from 06/01/2016 here.

Read the recommendations on the collection of documents can be found here.

The service can be activated at any branch office of Platinum Bank.

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