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The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5% of the cost of the service is charged additionally excluding VAT. Tariffication is per second, starting from the 13th second. The service is provided to the adults only.

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Иностранный банк с международными инвестициями

Currency rates
Currency rates
Currency Bid Ask
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Currency Bid Ask
USD 27.50 28.30
EUR 28.70 29.90

Accepting payment from the third party

  • Saving funds on cash logistics and cash desk operational expenses
    at your company
  • Increasing the amount of points for accepting payment from
    your clients
  • Providing simple payment procedure for your clients
  • Offering flexible and beneficial conditions

With the help of the service “Accepting payment from the third party” your clients, without having to open accounts, can make payments to your company, which considerably simplifies the process of receiving payment for your goods and services.

Platinum Bank offers you the following flexible conditions:

  • You choose who is to pay the commission
    a kind of the bank fee for the services provided to the Client subject to the conditions of the concluded agreement. The amounts of the bank commissions are set by the bank tariffs constituting a part of the agreement. Commissions stated in the tariffs do not include amounts paid by the Client as per tariffs of outside organizations he/she chose for money transfer to repay the loan.
    – you or your clients
  • Funds can arrive at your account with every payment or as a total sum of all payments in the established time period

You can order the payment register, with the help of which you can always see who has paid, when and how much was paid for your services or goods.

In order to use the service “Accepting payment from the third party”, all you need to do is sign one agreement for payment accepting with Platinum Bank, and your clients can make payments to you in any branch office of Platinum Bank on beneficial conditions.

You can receive a detailed consultation and order the service at any branch office of Platinum Bank.