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Our Advantages

Platinum Bank is one of the largest members of Ukraine's banking system, classified into the 1st group of banks according to the NBU rating (Platinum Bank holds over 0.5% of Ukrainian banking system’s assets). The bank’s regional network includes 69 branches and 1080 service outlets in various regions of Ukraine.

In 2016, our bank has received a whole number of awards and ended up in top positions of prestigious national ratings. Thus, according to Forbes, Platinum Bank is ranked among the top 25 banks in terms of deposits, which Ukrainians trust.

For the bank’s history and achievements, click here.

Being a socially responsible financial institution, Platinum Bank is actively implementing a number of socially important projects aimed at protecting the environment and improving financial literacy of the broad public.

In its day-to-day operations, our bank adheres to the simple principles that help create quality products and services.


  • Platinum Bank’s key shareholder is PT PLATINUM PUBLIC LIMITED.
  • Platinum Bank actively participates in development of Ukraine’s banking system, and is a member of the following organizations: First All-Ukrainian Credit History Bureau, Ukrainian Credit and Banking Union, European Business Association, Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks, Ukrainian Interbank Association of Payment System Members. Platinum Bank is one of the founders and shareholders of First All-Ukrainian Credit History Bureau CJSC. The bank actively cooperates with the Bureau on combating and reducing fraud. Using an online system of checking potential borrowers and balanced risk management, our bank maintains a quality credit portfolio.
  • Since 2005, Platinum Bank is a member of the Individual Deposit Insurance Fund, thus providing additional security to funds of our customers.


Catering to the needs of our customers, we offer a broad range of deposit programs, from which everyone can select an optimal product that suits the customer’s own needs. It could be both maximum income and continuous access to one’s own money. Platinum Bank always guarantees advantageous market terms. For more information about our products, click here.


Platinum Bank values its customers and helps save their time. That’s why we offer an opportunity to sign up for a deposit program using various channels of communication with our bank:

  • Online deposit opening form on the bank’s website. To use this service, all you have to do is to complete an online form. After that, our representative will contact you at your convenience to answer all questions you might have and set up an appointment. This way, you won’t have to waste your time waiting in line. To use this service, click here.
  • Being around or have a free minute? In that case, you may stop by the nearest Platinum Bank branch and open a deposit in person. The list of Platinum Bank branches is available here.
  • Have no time to visit our branch? Take advantage of the opportunity to open a deposit without leaving home, using Platinum Click online banking service. This service allows you to remotely manage your funds from any place in the world. For detailed information about this service, click here.


Our call center is always ready to promptly inform you about the current status of your deposit. Just call us at the toll-free number 0 800 308 308. Detailed information about your accounts is also available 24 hours a day via Platinum Click online banking system.


We’ll be happy to see you among our customers, and are ready to help any time.