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Zakhist Plus

“MetLife” in Ukraine offers a wide range of products, including the insurance against accidents, health insurance, borrower liability insurance, as well as corporate insurance.

Platinum Bank, together with the insurance company “MetLife”, realizes a project “Protection Plus”, which will allow the clients to ensure the protection of their family budget in complex and unforeseen situations both at the affordable price and for a considerable sum.

Having signed the insurance agreement, so to say, “for the odd money/change” at the cash desk, you receive up to 30,000 UAH** of insurance pay-out in case of the insurable event. 

Main conditions of the insurance:

Object insured: life, health and working ability of the insured person.

Insurable event:

  • - permanent incapacity to work of the insured person due to the traffic accident;
  • - death of the insured person irrespective of cause.

Age: from 18 to 74

Insurance fee (per year): 49 UAH.

Agreement validity term: 1 year

Territory of agreement validity: global

* “Protection Plus” – an insurance programme for major risks “Insurance for the full term or till the certain age regarding the event of death” and the insurance programme for the additional risks “Insurance for the event of permanent incapacity to work due to an accident”. 

** In case of the permanent incapacity to work of the insured person due to the traffic accident up to 30,000 UAH; in case of the death of the insured person 50 UAH. 

In more detail you can find information on the insurance conditions and pay-out here.

About the company MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET).

MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) was founded in 1868 and operates via its representative offices and branch offices under the brand name “MetLife”. The company “MetLife” is a global leader in life insurance, pensions, corporate decisions and efficient asset management. The company serves over 100 MIO clients and has its representative offices in 50 countries, occupying leading positions in the USA, Japan, Latin America, Europe and Middle East.

According to the data published by the annual rating “Insurance Top”, “MetLife” in 2014 was a leader in Ukrainian market of life insurance by the following indicators: largest provisions, largest assets, largest registered capital, largest amount of gathered insurance premiums in accumulative agreements for life insurance, largest total sum of insurance pay-outs

If you have any questions, you can call “MetLife line at: 0(800) 305-301 (all calls are free of charge from the land line phones on the territory of Ukraine).

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