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Visa Platinum

Visa Platinum is a premium card that provides exclusive banking benefits and impeccable service to match your status. With this card, you will get top quality services from the very first day of using it.

Your exceptional benefits with Visa Platinum from Platinum Bank:

  • · Credit from UAH 1000 to 50 000 UAH, with a grace period of up to 55 days with 0.00001% APR
  • · 24/7 assistance from your personal manager
  • · Priority Pass service card
  • · 24/7 concierge service from Smart Line
  • · Annual international travel insurance policy
  • · Special offers for Visa premium card holders
  • · Card Security service protecting you against card fraud
  • · Special offers for holders of premium cards from Visa International

Credit Card "Ocean"

With the credit card “Ocean” you are always ready for your day-to-day expenses.

When necessary you can withdraw cash, use you card in a shop or in online store.

Having withdrawn the money from the card, you can either repay the loan with small monthly repayments or return the whole sum within the grace period without paying any interest for the usage of credit funds.

Credit card START Grace

Credit card «START Grace» with a revolving credit line – after the repayment of debt you can again use the loan funds for your own personal purposes.

Advantages of credit cards «START Grace»:

  • A grace period up to 55 days
  • No monthly fee for loan servicing
  • A life insurance program
  • The minimum payment is only 3% of the loan amount
  • The credit limit is determined individually. Maximum amount - UAH 50,000
  • Revolving credit line - after the partial repayment of the loan you can again use the credit funds

Savings card Housekeeper

Would you like to receive additional income with free access to savings?

Thanks to savings card “Housekeeper” you have such opportunity
 It offers:

  • Up to 18 per annum on the balance on the card 
  • Replenishment of account in any convenient way 
  • Information on balance by SMS-request 
  • Around-the-clock support in contact-centre 
  • Deposit with replenishment possibility

Why is savings card beneficial for me?

  • Demand deposit 
  •  Currency – UAH 
  • The interest rate up to 18% on balance 
  • Free access to savings

Personal Card

Platinum Bank Personal Card is a safe and convenient way of payment and money deposit. Access to funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using the CARD VISA International from Platinum Bank, you will have the following options:

  • Fast registration card at the time of the first visit to the Bank
  • Safe and convenient payment for goods in any trading network
  • Free withdrawal of cash from more than 4000 ATMs!
  • The most perfect and safe card! (with chip)!
  • Quick and safe access to money in any country 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Goldfish Card

"Goldfish” Card of the Platinum Bank is an international credit card from the Platinum Bank, which is available only to our best customers!

The Goldfish Card from the Platinum Bank allows you to use the facilities at any location and at any time:

  • Make ANY PURCHASES when you need it
  • Take out cash for FREE in more than 1800 ATMs in the network of ATMoSphere
  • You can choose a amount of available funds on your account yourself up to UAH 40000!