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Fund guarantees UAH 150,000

Deposit Guarantee Fund officially informs that all claims concerning reducing or cancellation of established guaranteed sum of reimbursement that equals UAH 150,000 are groundless and are misleading the public.

With adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Deposit Guarantee System” on February the 23rd 2012 No. 4452-IV the procedure of establishing the guaranteed sum of reimbursement will not change and the Fund guarantees every depositor a compensation on his/hers deposits. But the sum cannot exceed the amount established by the Administration Board of the Fund, which currently is UAH 150,000.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the current Law of Ukraine “On Deposit Insurance Fund” the guaranteed amount of compensation that equals UAH 1,200 was indicated and the possibility of its increase by the decision of the Administration Board of the Fund was defined. From the moment this Law was adopted in 2001 the amount of guaranteed reimbursement sum was increased 8 times according to the decisions of the Administration Board of the Fund.

The increase of guaranteed amount of reimbursement on deposits from UAH 50,000 to UAH 150,000 was introduced under the respective provision of Law “On Priority Measures of Prevention of Negative Consequences of Financial Crisis and Introducing Changes to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine” on 31.10.2008 No.639-VI, which was temporary and was valid until January the 1st 2011. After the indicated date with the purpose of preventing the reduction of guaranteed amount on deposits the Administration Board of the Fund used its authority and decided to preserve the amount of reimbursement of deposits in the sum of UAH 150,000 (the Decision of the Administration Board of the Deposit Guarantee Fund “On the Amount of Reimbursement of Funds on the Deposits” of November the 17th 2010 No. 2, registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on January the 6th 2010 No. 1220/18515).

The Law of Ukraine “On Deposit Guarantee System” is directed at the strengthening of depositors’ rights protection in case of bank’s insolvency, namely:

- the period of reimbursement comes down from 2 months to 7 days from the day of the decision on revoking of the bank’s license and liquidation of the bank;

- the duration of temporary administration reduces from 1 year to 3 months and for the systemic banks from 18 months to 6 months;

- during the operation of the temporary administration the moratorium will not be placed on return of deposits to individuals under fixed-term and termless contracts, the term of which expired within the guaranteed amount;

- if during the operation of the temporary administration the depositor cannot receive his/hers deposit, including interests, in 7 working days from the expiry date of the agreement or under demand deposit, the Fund provides a loan money disbursed to the Client by the Bank for a certain period and on terms as specified in the agreement. Loan to the bank to pay off to such individual within the guaranteed amount.

The main purpose of the deposit guarantee system is protection of rights and interests of the depositors. Implementation of deposit guarantee system reform will allow to increase the general level of trust of the depositors to the banking system of Ukraine, which is one of the key preconditions of steady economic development.


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