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Platinum Bank Announces the Results of the All-Ukraine Contest Triple Nine Education

On the 24th of October 2014 the jury identified the winners of the All-Ukraine Contest “Triple Nine Education” for comprehensive educational institutions. The initiator of the project for the fourth year in a row is Platinum Bank. The partners of the contest became “Microsoft Ukraine” and the EY company (previously - “Ernst and Young”), as well as the public organization “KoLaD”. The winners became 11 schools from Kirovograd, Donetsk, Chernigiv, Lviv, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Cherkassy, Soumy, Vinnytsya, Dniepropetrovsk and Poltava oblasts.

The contest participants elaborated game-like lesson-projects for the subject “Basic economy”. Presented projects will help the pupils understand the basics of financial literacy, making the uptake of the subject easier and faster. The prizes for winners became computer rooms, for the equipment of which Platinum Bank granted notebooks and multifunction devices (scanner-printer-copier devices).

“We are very happy to be able to help schoolchildren with getting access to the world of the modern technology for the fourth year in a row. This year we had a record amount of participants – we received 62 applications. It’s very uplifting, that despite a very strained situation in the country, the contest is still popular and people truly believe in the better future. We thank all the participants for their efforts and enthusiasm, and we wish them the best of luck next year!” - says Viktoriya Mykhno, Head of PR Department, Head  of the CSR committee of Platinum Bank. 

The EY company has additionally granted 10 computers, which will be received by the school in Poltava oblast.

“We find enormous pleasure in our cooperation with Platinum Bank for this project and we support it for the second year in a row. The project is great for motivating teachers to look for new approaches to studying, as well as for improving the material basis of the schools. Now, more than ever, it’s important to provide youth with more possibilities to get good education, thus creating the foundation for the development of a strong and well-educated country,” - comments Natalia Telenkova, Head of the CSR committee of the EY company in Ukraine.

Besides new computer rooms, co-organizing companies also prepared a set of educational events for schools. The employees of Platinum Bank will provide lessons on financial literacy for children “Platinum Posidelki [Platinum Parties]”. During these lessons children will learn through various games about the history of money, ways of its multiplication and how to treat it. The public organization “LD” will conduct a specially designed economic game. The Y company will organize the educational meetings for the school in Poltava. “Microsoft Ukraine” will conduct trainings on the following topics: “Digital Technologies”, “Windows for Education”, “Work with Microsoft Office 365”.

Winner institutions of “Triple Nine Education” contest in 2014:

1. Comprehensive school of the - level #35 of Vinnytsa City Council.

2. Primorskaya school of Skadovsk Rayon Council.

3. Smeela comprehensive school of the - level # 10 of Smeela City Council in Cherkassy oblast.

4. Oblast centre for out-of-school education and work with talented youth of the Soumy Oblast Council.

5. Specialized school with advanced studying of foreign languages and I level - gymnasium #11 in Dnieprodzerzhinsk.

6. Kryukiv gymnasium of Kryukiv Rayon Council, in Chernigiv oblast.

7. Lviv comprehensive boarding school #2 of Liviv City Council.

8. Melitopil comprehensive school of the - level #23 of Melitopil City Council.

9. Poltava city multi-profile lyceum #1 named after I.P. Kotlyarevskyi.

10. Kramatorsk comprehensive school of the - level #23, of Kramatorsk City Council in Donetsk oblast.

 About the projects:

The All-Ukraine Contest for Educational Institutions “Triple Nine Education” within the project “Pt – Promising Teaching Technologies” – is a joint project, which was initiated by Platinum Bank and found support with the program partners – “Microsoft Ukraine” and “Ernst and Young”. Its aim is in increasing the level of informatization of education in the sphere of finance and economy for schoolchildren.

Within the framework of the “Triple Nine Education” program, Platinum Bank provides schools with computer rooms and conducts the lessons in financial literacy for schoolchildren - “Platinum Posidelki [Platinum Parties]”. Modern technologies allow teachers to present the world of finance and economy to the children in an interesting and game-like form.

Over the course of the project implementation in 2011, Platinum Bank, together with its partners, opened 7 computer rooms in different oblasts of Ukraine. In 2012 12 computer rooms were opened and in 2013 were opened 12 more.

Lessons in financial literacy “Platinum Posidelki [Platinum Parties]” – it’s an educational project for schoolchildren, the aim of which is to present the basics of finance to the younger generation. The meetings with children are conducted all over the country with the participation of the game hero Monia, whose name is derived from the word “coin” in Ukrainian. The average age of the meeting participants: 7-12 years, the amount of children in the group - 10-15. During these meetings the bank’s specialists discuss with children what money is, where it comes from, how it can be saved and multiplied. At the moment, there are 4 lessons: “Many a little makes a mickle”, “Money of different countries: rouble, dollar, euro”, “Ukrainian hryvnya and pocket money”, as well as “Far Far Away Kingdom: Journey to the Bank Country”.  In 2012 were elaborated 2 lessons for the children aged 14-16 – “Personal Budget”, “Banker – a Profession”. As of today, over 3,000 meetings have been conducted, in which about 35,000 schoolchildren took part.


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