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Интернет банкинг

  • You get a convenient and reliable service
  • You save time, processing payments without a visit to the bank’s branch office
  • You get the latest updates about the status of your accounts
  • You can integrate the system with inner accounting programmes
  • You can activate the service “SMS&Email informing“ (as a link to the sub-section)
  • You get the possibility to send the payments to the bank without the necessary balance on the account, under the condition of funds incoming before the day is over

Interactive service “Internet-banking” allows you to maximally simplify the management of your accounts at the bank and receive current information about the movements of funds in your accounts at any time convenient to you with the help of any computer with the established Internet connection without the need to visit the bank’s branch office. The service “Internet-banking” guarantees strict confidentiality and security of information.

With the help of “Internet-banking” system you can:

  • Forward to the bank the following financial documents:
      - payment orders in national and foreign currency
      - orders for the buying /selling/conversion of currency
  • Integrate the system with accounting programmes
  • Receive the latest updates on the status of your accounts with Platinum Bank
  • Use reviewing, printing and importing of e-documents into various formats
  • Get the access to the archive of payment documents of a long period

Log in "Internet Banking" you can here.
You can find the DEMO-version of the "Internet-Banking" system here.
Instructions for using the system, you can find here.

Tariff packages for legal entities:

Effective tariffs for servicing the individual entrepreneurs, as well as independent professional practitioners, can be found here.

Details for payments in foreign currency and effective interest rates on current accounts you can find here.

File to install win32-version can be downloaded here.

The service can be ordered at any branch office of Platinum Bank.