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Stories of Success

Vyacheslav Derkach
Kyiv 4 Branch Manager
- What career have you made in our bank?
- July 2006 was for me the most enjoyable time in my life, when I was accepted to the MIB family (now the Platinum Bank). The working atmosphere was radically different from the Ukrainian system banks. It felt as if I was turned upside down. The atmosphere in the team was positive, calling each other by name, corporate meetings, and motivation for implementation of plans – all like in paradise. I was just flying to work.
Then I started as a partner dealing manager. In March 2008, I became the sales channel development, mortgage sales management and sales department director. In December 2008, I was appointed as a branch sales management segment director in the Sales Department. In May 2010, I was appointed Kyiv 4 Department Manager.

- What do you think was decisive for your advance in career?

- I think that the management’s belief in me as a specialist and my desire to achieve better results in our bank has become the decisive factor of my advance to a new position.

- What would you wish to people who want to advance in career?
- Most important thing is to believe in yourself, believe in the bank and in the product you sell. This is my "platinum" rule, with which I always reach the intended results. Never give up! Whatever the problems you encounter in your way, remember that "this will pass by" and you will definitely be a winner!   

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