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Stories of Success

Halyna Koshovets
Head of Sales, Western Region.

What career have you made in our bank?
- I am an old-liver in the bank. I have been working in the bank since 2005. I came to the position of a loan expert. In 2006, for implementation of the targets, I was transferred to the position of a senior manager. Then I have worked for more than 2 years as a specialist in staff training and development.  Now, since October 1, 2009, I’ve been conquering new spaces, and I have achieved the post of the Regional Director.

- What do you think was decisive for your promotion to a new position?
- Probably, it is not for me to judge what was decisive. I'm a pretty ambitious person, І always try to work for a positive result. I am sure, the endeavors of each of us, working with maximum efficiency, will always be appreciated by the management.

- Please, list the success components. What is success for you?
- Success in life is achievement of one’s true goals and aspirations. This is an opportunity to maintain such a lifestyle that meets the peculiarities of your personality, and promotes the harmonious satisfaction of all your needs.

- What would you wish to people who want to reach the career heights?   

- Be confident in yourself and never forget 5 rules of success from Mrs. Frankovskaya: dismiss doubt and diffidence; persistently do your favorite thing; move towards your goal with tenacity; infect everyone around with your success and confidence in victory, and never give up!

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