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The functionality of the system "Internet Banking"

You can get acquainted with the functionality of “Internet-Banking” system with the help of its DEMO-version.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Save and extract to the separate folder on your computer the archive with certificates, which you can find HERE.

2.Open the DEMO-version launch page (the link can be found below)

3. Choose regime: iFOBS client (standard).

4. Enter:

Login: ptdemo
Password: ptdemo
Password for the secret key:ptdemo

5. Show the way to the folder, into which you’ve saved the certificates ptdemo.

Dear users! While working with the DEMO-version, please, don’t try to change passwords or the certificate, as it can result in blocking your access to the system.

6. Click on the button “Enter”.

7. After you finished your work with the system, click on the button “Exit”.


Start working with the DEMO-version

At the moment of entering the system, you might get the notification that your certificate is signed by an unknown center of certification. Do not worry about this notification. You should accept the conditions, offered to you by your internet browser.