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Financial literacy

Financial literacy classes for children

We do this, because we believe: when you invest something right, you receive something right as well.

For already 6 years, Platinum Bank has been implementing the financial literacy programme for schoolchildren. The programme includes lessons developed by teachers and the bank specialists for training children on proper money management, correct money spending and saving. Clearly money management is another habit which is extremely important for successful existence in the contemporary society.

We tell children what money is, where it appeared from, what it is needed for, how it should be spent, and how it should be saved. We strongly believe it’s vitally important for present-day children to be aware of the real nature of money. In the future, this will help them to plan their budget correctly, to earn their living, to implement opportunities to the maximum, and not to make financial mistakes.

We teach children with the help of employees of our branches and points of sale mostly located in small towns. Owing to this, we manage to arrange classes even in the most distant corners of Ukraine.
Since 2010, 55 thousand children from all over Ukraine.
Our classes have always been and will always be free of charge.

If you want to initiate arrangement of such classes in a school you know, please, write to:


Children about the investment in cookies and nanorobots

Nikita about new bike and inflation

Markian about maintenance costs of moto

Masha about budget

Vanya about investment attractiveness of bicycle

Nikita tells about of appropriateness of your purchase

Vlad and Arina about budget planning on rollers



After our six-year experience with children, so many parents have become interested in this knowledge that we have decided to arrange similar classes for adults, although on more serious topics. If you feel a lack of financial knowledge, you have an opportunity to attend an adult financial literacy class on one of the following subjects: how to save and to augment money, how to protect yourselves against financial swindlers, how to plan a family budget. For this, please, write to: