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Energy saving

All the employees of the bank are ensuring that the energy wasn’t used “in vain” and support the principles of saving it:

•        Switch off the light, when you are leaving the office (if you are the last to leave)

•        Use natural day light as much as possible

•        Use energy saving modes on the computers

•        Switch the computer off when you are leaving

•        Don’t leave the phone chargers and other devices that are plugged in when not in use

Platinum Bank also supported the initiative of the Business Centre on installing sun heaters that warm up the water. Thereby a big saving of energy of the whole Business Centre is achieved. The Bank doesn’t have the exact data on the saving results under this initiative.

In March 2011 in the Head Office of the bank light sensors were installed. These sensors automatically regulate the lighting in the office maximising saving and comfort. The control system automatically switches off the lights and adjusts the brightness of lamps if there is enough natural light in the room. Transducers automatically switch the lights on depending on lighting and presence of people.


Considering that the bank rents the premises the installation of light sensors caused certain difficulties which bank successfully overcame on the way to reducing the negative influence on the environment.

We believe that adoption of ecological lighting decisions will show immediate impact on the usage of electricity, CO2 emission and also will allow to improve the quality of lighting.