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Safe deposit boxes

Would you like to ensure a safe storage of your money, jewelry, confidential documents and other material values?
You can use safe deposit boxes:

  • it’s confidential
  • it’s safe
  • it’s convenient

Ensure a safe storage of your valuable possessions by placing them in safe deposit boxes of Platinum Bank.

Such storage method has several advantages:


  • No one except for the client or his/her authorized representative shall be able to use the key to the individual safe deposit box.
  • The safe can only be opened by using two keys at the same time, one of which is kept by the client, and the other – in the bank.
  • Individual safes are placed in a special certified bank vault.
  • Isolated areas for use of a safe deposit box.


  • The client does not have to notify the bank of what he/she will store in a safe.


  • You have access to the vault during the whole operation day of the Bank.
  • Accessibility to a safe by the authorized representative.
  • Selection of individual safe deposit boxes of required size at any time.
  • Payment is accepted in cash and non-cash form.
  • Lease agreement can be extended for any period of time, regardless of the initial lease term.
  • The service is available for citizens of Ukraine and citizens of other countries.



  • Passport or other identity document;
  • Certificate of Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).


You can check out the rates on renting safe deposit boxes here.


The service is available in branches at the addresses: Kyiv, blv. Druzhby Narodov 17/5, Odessa, Shevchenko prospect 4a and Chernihiv, Prospekt Myru 17.