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Current bank account

Current accounts are opened to hold funds and cash transactions using payment instruments in accordance with the terms of the contract and the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

Current account is an account which is opened for the Customer for cash saving and cash transactions with the help of payment instruments in accordance with the contract terms and requirements of Ukrainian legislation.A current account in national or foreign currency is a simple and reliable way to quickly and easily cash transaction method.

What is the cost of a current account opening?

The fee for opening a current account is - 50 hryvnia. *

* The fee is not charged in the case of opening an account in order to: loan money disbursed to the Client by the Bank for a certain period and on terms as specified in the agreement. Loan issued in PJSC "PTB", the opening of the deposit in PJSC "PTB" connection to the remote maintenance Platinum Click, transfer payments, which entered the passport data and the amount of which exceeds the permissible amount for payment without opening an account.

How long can I use the current account?

The current account is closed, if there is no cash flow and balance within 3 years.

What privileges does this account have?
  • You can easily accept and receive cash
  • You will have an opportunity to send and receive transactions in UAH
  • You'll receive free monthly account statements
  • The bank will conduct regular transfers on your behalf
  • Monthly interests will be calculated on the balance of your account
  • You will receive low-cost tariffs on service
What percentage is charged on the balance of the current account?

UAH – 7,0% annual, USD – 0,5% annual, EUR – 0,25% annual

How can I open a current account?

Come to Platinum Bank branch in your city.  You can find our offices here.

Standard Form Contract for bank account you can find here.

Tariffs for individuals can be found here.

Tariffs for individuals coming into effect on 06/23/2016 can be found here

Appendix 1 to the Tariffs for individuals can be found here.

Appendix 2 to the Tariffs for individuals can be found here.