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Card activation
- release of the card technical lock by the bank. The card cannot be used without Activation.
a kind of the bank fee for the services provided to the Client subject to the conditions of the concluded agreement. The amounts of the bank commissions are set by the bank tariffs constituting a part of the agreement. Commissions stated in the tariffs do not include amounts paid by the Client as per tariffs of outside organizations he/she chose for money transfer to repay the loan.
Early repayment
- loan repayment before the loan maturity date as specified by the loan agreement.
Initial instalment
a portion of the cost of a commodity or service paid by the Client with his/her own cash directly to the store cash desk when buying a commodity or a service on credit.
- money disbursed to the Client by the Bank for a certain period and on terms as specified in the agreement.
Loan agreement
- an agreement between the bank and the Client on a procedure (conditions) of the loan disbursement and repayment.
Loan disbursement time
the time during which the bank considers the Client’s application and takes a decision on loan approval or denial, and the time required for signing a loan agreement in case of the bank’s positive decision.
Loan interest rate
a charge (fee) for money utilization by the Client fixed in the agreement as a percentage of the loan amount. The interest is to be paid by the Client to the bank for a certain period of time set under the agreement.
Loan repayment period
- a time period for which the bank grants the loan to the Client. The loan repayment period is stipulated in the agreement.
Monthly payment
an amount to be transferred by the Client to his/her account with the bank on a monthly basis to repay the loan under the loan agreement. The monthly payment is calculated at the agreement conclusion and shall not be subject to change throughout the entire loan repayment period (exclusive of the last adjusting payment, which is typically smaller).
Point of sale

a point at a store or in the selling area where the consumer lending manager (the bank representative) will inform you about the terms of loan, answer to your questions and prepare documents required for loan obtaining.

Postal bank transfer
a loan amount transferred by the bank to the Client’s address via Ukrposhta offices. The postal transfer shall be sent and received in accordance with the regulations on carrying out postal services established by the legislation of Ukraine in force.
Repayment schedule
- is handed over to the Client by the bank upon signing the loan agreement. The document shall specify:

  • Amount of monthly payments
  •  Recommended dates of monthly payments
  •  Other information needed by the Client for timely loan repayment