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Corporate culture

Platinum Bank strives for ensuring that each employee was proud that he is working in our organization. We create a business with a human face!

Employees are the greatest value of the bank. We believe that every employee should feel as an important and integral part of the organization. In this regard, we regularly inform the employees about all the events happening in the bank. Newsletter and team events, regular meetings of staff, daily communication - all these and many other events are the sources of information for the bank staff.

We appreciate and understand everyone, but also recognize the importance of teamwork.  The Platinum Bank team consists of talented and professional specialists who share common values.

Platinum Bank establishes the basic standards of conduct to be followed by all employees of the company in performing their daily duties.

We have developed and effectively implemented the adaptation program. On his first days in the company every new employee gets acquainted with corporate values and standards, the history and achievements of the company, its goals and objectives.

Platinum Bank is primarily a team of professionals with a Western approach to business. We are characterized by friendly and open atmosphere, democratic style of governance, and respect for each other. The bank provides all conditions for maintenance of a healthy atmosphere in the team, which allows them to carry out their responsibilities skillfully and not to limit the initiatives.

Platinum Bank staff is actively involved in various social projects within the framework of the bank CSR strategies. Assistance to orphanages and needy families, the environment protection, landscaping - it is not an exhaustive list of activities of our employees. Employment of the disabled people, providing them with real job with decent pay is one of our key priorities.  We really want people with disabilities have every right to decent employment and, therefore, in the course selection we are based only on the candidate's conformity with requirements of the vacancy.