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Unforeseen circumstances

To solve such problems, we have developed a policy of aid workers in emergency situations.

If the employee realizes that he needs financial support to address complex situations, he sends a letter to the HR department. Employee of HR Department is preparing a letter of the situation, without specifying the name of the employee in need of help, and send to all employees of the bank through the information mailbox. All bank employees raise funds through transparent boxes and transfer of regional offices and points of credit. The amount to be collected, and doubles the bank then transfers the employee.

Since 2011 till 2016 we helped 91 employees who are faced with unexpected situations in life. We believe that such actions of the bank actually show concern for their employees and help to solve unforeseen problems.

We hope that this initiative demonstrates the bank's concern about its employees and helps to solve unexpected situations that may arise in the life of any of the employees. When an employee realizes that behind him the whole team of the bank, then it is much easier to deal with any difficult questions.