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Corporate Governance Structure

The Supervisory Board consists of the Chairman and four members of the Supervisory Board. Within the framework of the Supervisory Board Audit Committee acts of the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board performs supervisory functions and sets the strategic vision for the company. The Supervisory Board is also responsible for the issuance of new equity, debt agreements, the hiring/firing of Management team, approval of the external auditors and distribution of profits.

At the moment DATA Top Management sostoyt of 9 Leader. Management of the Groups prynymaet part in the Creative Strategy and the business neset walk funktsyonalnuyu responsibility for sootvetstvuyuschye sphere in the proof Platinum Bank and Platinum Express.

Platinum Bank corporate governance follows the rules and regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine. Specifically, Platinum Bank Supervisory Board oversees Platinum Bank Management Board and the Committees that are responsible for setting policy within the organization.

Platinum Express has a Management team that reports directly to CEO. Platinum Express departments report directly to respective Top Executives as well.

An Internal Audit team which reports directly to the Supervisory Board is responsible for reviewing all entity functions and processes on a regular basis.