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Help to the clinic №9

In 2011 Platinum Bank provided a sponsor aid to the Department of Younger Age Children Kiev Children Clinical Hospital № 9. The help of Platinum Bank allowed to make refurbishment in children’s wards and to conduct maintenance of manipulation room.

The time the children spend in the department varies from two-three months up to six months, sometimes more. During that time they go through full medical examination and await for the decision on their fate.

The Department admits neglected children, abandoned children from maternity hospitals at the age of up to 3 years.

70 sq.m of old tiles were replaced, besides that, the walls were rendered, the ceilings were rendered and painted, window escarpment, new doors were installed, the taps were changed, lamps and additional sockets installed, the floor was levelled, linoleum was laid and skirting boards were fitted and blinds hung.

Their gratitude to the employees of the bank was expressed by Chief Medical Officer Natalya Ivanovna, Chief of the Department Andrey Vasilyevich, Chief Nurse Mariya Vasilyevna and all medical staff.

But most grateful are the kids, who are receiving treatment in this hospital and their parents as well.

We must take care of the health of our young generation of Ukrainians!