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  • Getting a loan
    • Can I apply for the second loan?

      Existing borrowers can apply to the bank for the next loans. The decision on granting such a loan is taken by the bank, taking into account the sum of borrower's existing debt, credit history and ability to pay.

    • How long will it take to obtain a loan?
      • The loan application takes about 20 minutes.
      • The term of consideration of the application and the decision to grant the loan can take from 20 minutes to 24 hours depending on the loan product.
      • Registration of the credit agreement after the positive decision on the loan takes about 20 minutes.
    • What documents are required to obtain a loan?

      To obtain the loan you need to provide the original passport and identification number. Depending on the loan product conditions, additional document proving income may be required.

    • How long is the loan repayment period?

      Within the framework of consumer lending program you can get a loan:

      • in cash for loan period of 12 to 42 months with the number of payments from 12 to 36
      • for the purchase of goods for loan period of 10 to 42 months with the number of payments from 10 to 36

      Loan period includes the number of loan payments and the number of periods that can be used by the client to transfer the payment on the loan payment, if provided by the product terms.

    • What is the possible loan amount?

      Within the framework of the consumer lending program, you may obtain a loan:

      • in cash – from 1 000 to 50 000 UAH
      • for the purchase of goods – from 500 to 50 000 UAH
    • Where can I apply for a loan?

      Loan registration is available at all branches and outlets of Platinum Bank in your city. You can find our points of sale here

    • To whom and when it is necessary to provide documents of income?

      The customer is obliged at least once a year to provide the bank documents confirming his income only if it is determined by the terms of the loan agreement. The deadline for submitting such documents is the 20th day of the month in which the loan was issued.

      Documents can be sent:

      • by post to the registered address of the bank (03680, Kyiv, vul. Amosov, 12)
      • in person at the Department of

      In case of untimely customer proof of income, the bank will apply the sanctions specified in the loan agreement of the client.

      Proof of income must comply with the rules, which can be found here.

    • For what purpose can I receive a loan?

      Cash loan is available for any current customer needs.

      Credit for the goods purchase is provided for a wide range of goods: household appliances, building materials, computer equipment, mobile phones, furniture and interior design and more.

  • Deposits
    • How often is the interest on deposit paid?

      The interest on all deposits is accrued on a monthly basis, and you can withdraw it from your current account or card at any time, if the terms of the contribution provided for monthly interest payments. For deposits with interest capitalization accrued interest added to the monthly amount of the deposit and you can get them at the end of the term of the contract, together with the deposit amount.

    • Can time deposits be replenished?

      You can replenish your deposit at any convenient time at our bank’s nearest POS, if the opportunity provided by the terms of the deposit

    • How long is the deposit period?

      We receive deposits for the terms of 14 days to 18 months. You can make deposits for any term, even for 1 day, if you have chosen the On Request Deposit.

    • What documents are required to open a deposit?
       To open a deposit, you need to have a passport and TIN certificate with you.
    • Where can I open a time deposit?

      You can open a deposit at any of our branches, or in the Internet Bank Platinum Click.

    • What deposit return guarantees are provided?

      You have to assess reliability of the bank before you place a deposit. Analyze the major economic figures indicators of the bank, special attention being paid to liquidity. Estimate the shareholding structure and find out if the bank is a member of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund. Platinum Bank has the best liquidity figures in Ukraine: the current liquidity level is 753,7%, with the NBU norm of at least 40%, the bank capitalization is 4 times higher than the NBU norm and equals to 39,2%.

  • axation of deposits
  • Repay a loan
    • What happens if I fail to make my monthly payment on time?

      The loan agreement specifies payment corridor recommended for making payments on the loan, as well as the date of the monthly payment. If payment is not received by this date, the loan appears overdue. According to the loan agreement in the event of delay on the loan in the amount of such arrears interest for each day of delay begins to bear at the rate specified in the loan agreement.

      In the event of delay efforts should be made as quickly as possible to make a payment on the loan to reduce the amount of fines for delay.

      It is important to remember that having a of the delay on the loan adversely affect the credit history, making it difficult to obtain bank loans in the future and may lead to debt enforcement.

    • What happens if I leave and cannot make a loan payment? Can anyone else do it?

      Payment on the borrower's loan the may be exercised by any other person at the request of the borrower. In this case, it is important to give such person the right details to make the payment, as well as indicate the borrower's name in the payment. It is important to remember that in any case the borrower bears direct responsibility for the timely payments on the loan.

    • What happens if I stop making loan payments?

      We understand that for various reasons the borrower may have difficulty making payments on the loan. It is important to remember that the bank provided a loan for a certain period of time, which is fixed in the loan agreement. If for some reason the borrower ceases to make monthly payments, and the funds provided by the bank are not refunded in full, it is strongly recommended to resume payments as soon as possible.

      It is important to understand that the non-payment of monthly installments on the loan accrued penalties, and then the next payment should include not only the arrears, but also the assessed penalty amount. If repayments are not renewed, then over time the loan becomes a problem and the bank has the right to forcibly collect the debt on the loan.

      We recommend to read the Guide for the borrower, who owe the Bank and are in a difficult financial situation, here.

    • What will happen if I have loan arrears, but I have to apply for another loan at the other bank?

      Credit Bureaus are active on the Ukrainian banking market. With a borrower’s consent, all information on loans given to a person is stored at such Bureaus. There is a possibility to learn from this database if a borrower is disciplined to make monthly payments on time, if there are loan arrears, regardless of the bank that disbursed the loan. Accordingly, the loan arrears will affect you credit history. You will not be able to obtain another loan at other banks, since the data on your loan debt will be accessible for banks – Credit Bureau members.

      At the same time, a good credit history provide you significant advantages, as you will be able to get more favourable terms at your bank and can be sure that other banks will also be interested in you as in a reliable client.

    • How to repay the loan?

      Complete information on the loan repayment can be found in the "Methods of loan repayment" section.

    • How to repay the loan in the Crimea?

      If you are on the territory of Crimea, then you can pay back the loan in Platinum Bank in the following ways:

      1. Private service «My Credit».

      Pay back your loan 24/7 using a card of any bank in any currency. It is important to make sure that the card limits on Internet transactions are not zero. Commission fee is 2% of the payment amount.

      2. Internet Bank PtClick.

      Carry out the fund transfer from a current or card account in the Internet Bank system as specified in the loan agreement. The service is provided free of charge.

      3. Branches of any bank outside the territory of the Crimea, which operates in normal mode and provides SWIFT payment services.

      4. With services for the payment of the loan in Ukraine can be found in Loan repayment methods section.

      You can pay in any currency (in rubles, dollars, euros) on the details specified below.

      Payment details can be found here.

      The purpose of the payment must indicate the account number of your credit agreement, which begins at the numbers 2909 or 2625.

      You can get more detailed information about payments in the bank's contact center.

  • Insurance When Obtaining a Loan
    • Can I get insurance at the same time as the loan agreement?

      Along with the registration the loan bank insures the life of the borrower as an additional protection. On request, when you make a loan for the goods it is possible to additionally insure the property for the period of the loan term, and purchase an extended warranty on goods, which will come into effect after the end of the main guarantees for the goods.

      More information can be found in the Insurance section or from the manager at the branch or point of sale.

    • For how long the insurance is valid?

      Period of validity of the insurance contract depends on the type of insurance:

      • life insurance term equals to the term of the loan agreement and takes effect upon its signing;
      • property insurance term equals to the term of the loan agreement and takes effect upon its signing;
      • additional warranty coverage insurance lines is 12 months and starts to operate after the end of the manufacturer warranty.
    • Do I have to make out the insurance?

      In most cases, life insurance is an integral part of consumer credit. Insurance provides additional protection to the Customer from unforeseen events.

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