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Declaration on responsible business partnership

On the 19th of January 2011 Platinum Bank signed a Declaration on responsible business partnership.

Company-signers of the Declaration established a working group "Responsible Partnership", which in five years will realize these goals in the text declaration.

• Implementation of the five-year program, which includes the development and implementation of a strategy of responsible procurement, performance monitoring, training of key suppliers, etc.

• Preparation of an analytical study "Fighting corruption: the role of business in Ukraine" to counter corruption in the business environment.

• Development of forms for companies signatories. Participants must report annually on three fronts: "Organizational Management", "Employees, "Basic Agreements".

For more than two years Go Green principles work in our bank that largely reflects some of the principles of the Declaration. We also work with suppliers and contractors on the importance of reducing our negative impact on the environment. And we are working to make our cooperation with companies always based on the principles of honesty and transparency, and prevents any corrupt or fraudulent activities.

We believe that our participation in this agreement is another step that brings the bank to take responsibility for the society and the environment.

Thus, we are transparency and correctly make decisions about the interaction with suppliers and customers.