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Program of adaptation

The bank has more than four thousand employees. With the aim to investigate and resolve all situations and issues it was decided to select three Platinum Authorized Persons.





Now all the employees of the bank have a certain guide-book:

  • During the probation period the employee has to familiarize himself with internal rules, values and “Platinum Standards” that exist in the bank.
  • On the basis of Platinum School the employee can study all essential topics and receive necessary amount of knowledge about the bank, on rules and aspects, on the basis of which he works.
  • After studying all the materials the employee has to pass a test on knowledge and understanding.
  • On the results of the test the employee realises to which aspects exactly he has to pay attention hereafter.

The results of the program prove that the program helps “new comers” to join the team and efficiently work on the new position.

During operation of the program the adaptation was passed by 5490 employees (as on 01.01.2016)

We aim that all the employees have an opportunity freely express their ideas and this in its turn will assist the development of the bank itself.